Guest Book for Eulora (Laurie) (Ravn) Riggs

Provided by White-Love Funeral Home

Posted by: Carol Hodsden
Tue August 30, 2016
Laurie was my first real boss. I went to work for her and Warren in 1995, I was 16 years old. She seemed so tough at first. She demanded that I tuck my white button down shirt properly and behave like an adult. I wanted to quit but my mom wouldn't let me.

It was not long before I grew to adore her (and her her pies). She would check to make sure I made enough in tips before I left, and if I hadn't she would slide me a few bucks out of the register. She could have ordered pies to sell like every other restaurant in town, instead she woke up very early on a daily basis and hand crafted each one with love. You could taste the love. Don't get me wrong, she remained tough but mostly on the outside. In hindsight, she reminded me of her pies. She was sweet and sometimes even gooey in the middle.

I am so sorry for your loss. She meant more to me than she probably knew. She taught me a great deal about work ethic and pride. I believe she did that for many of her employees. She was an important member of this community and helped to shape it in her own special way.

Posted by: Judy Johnson
Wed August 31, 2016
I am so sorry for your loss.  Losing a mother is difficult, indeed.  I did the accounting for Laurie during the 1990's when Riggs' Fireside Inn was operating until it was sold.  She was such a hard worker and good cook.  Many times she brought cookies or treats to our office for us to enjoy.  She was a lovely lady.

Posted by: Jennifer
Wed August 31, 2016
I'm sorry for your loss.  I was a tenant of her apartment for many years and she was always so nice to me. Rest in peace Laurie.

Posted by: Jan Needler
Thu September 01, 2016
Penny & Jim - I am so very sorry to hear about your mom's passing - I remember her well and I think she was one of the hardest working women I've ever met.  She must have been a good mother, also, because of the way you turned out.  Please accept my sympathies and love.

Posted by: Kirk Wiebe
Thu September 01, 2016
Deepest sympathies to the family.  I remember Mrs. Riggs and her husband and son John working so hard to open their first restaurant, the A & W  stand all those years ago. A wonderful lady who will be remembered so well by so many.